The lights.. not the man

December 31st, 2013, 11pm

Again - look at the lights not the man.

I was seated - waiting for some friends. My girl friend had just broke some grave news to me. I was in a position where I had to make some critical life changing decisions.

And so I sat there looking at the lights, at where they led, wondering where my life was also going.

I uploaded this picture today, because I have the same feeling I had in October when I took this picture.

This feeling reminds me of the lights. And I guess I just need to follow the lights…. those empty gleaming feelings. They seem to lead no where. But they are strong and instinctive.

Craig, David Wade, Jack and Cassie said thanks.

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Samuel Alomenu

I write. I sketch. I mull over things and I think about alternatives. @sammidelali

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