MAMPY CRABS, boom doggs... and other Jamaican slang. I learnt some lingo to break the ice with the apple pickers... We talked cricket instead.

October 18th, 2013, 2pm

Promiscuous women, love peddlers, fake Rastafarians, all set among rows of honeycrisps.

Practicing these terms served as preparation for our field photography assignment in an apple orchard in inland Maine. There I was, an Australian, ready to point-and-shoot some of the Best Apple Pickers in the World; Jamaicans. We had a long drive, and thanks to the internet and our imaginations, it was one of those welcome, tee-hee returns to childhood.

Our assignment was the approach. Getting the apple picking subjects comfortable with us and finding our voice through the lens. I needed to get comfortable first. My actual voice quickly dismissed any notions of discussing love peddling and I reverted to the subject of cricket with these men instead. John, Brown and Smith. Highly original names, but unique stories. Here, because no other worker can handle the apple like a preciously caught ball — HOWZAT! Apple picking, all day, every day during season, is a sport. There is a) medium speed picking and b) gentle delivery into waist-strung bucket. Dropping is forbidden, causing bruising. The penalty is sitting out and a docked pay.

Any cricket fan will know, that’s just not cricket.

HIGHLIGHTS: Picking up some Jamaican slang. Making like Eve and enjoying those apples. LOWLIGHTS: Nil to report.

David Wade and Christine said thanks.

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