This library is ubicated at L’alliance Française-Goethe Zentrum where I study french. After my journalism’s classes, I always, always go to the library. I go from 6pm until it is hour for my french classes, 7:30pm.

There are books in spanish(my mother lenguage), french and german. The majority of books are classic novels… Madame Bovary in french! C’est incroyable! at least, in Santa Cruz. But I still in “soft” books, because my french it is not SO good… (yet)

The picture is about the stairs for go to the area for read in peace on comfortable sofas… It is my favorite place in Santa Cruz. It really is.

The sad part is that people here it is not into books and this stuff. They even do not know that this beautiful library exists.

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Andrea Flores Hernández

Journalism student. I love languages, I speak spanish, english and french. I really love to write stories, create feelings and new worlds. I'm into photgraphy too.

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