Believe it or not, this mass of zucchini and egg is an open-faced sandwich I'm about to eat.

March 30th, 2013, 4pm

It was 5°C with broken clouds. The breeze was gentle.

Believe it or not, this sloppy mess of zucchini-and-garlic-fried-egg is an open-faced sandwich I’ve just made myself on a fresh baguette and am moments away from consuming.

The stuff about making it:

• A lot of olive oil, filling the bottom of a metal skillet. Let it get hot while you give it five or six good, solid cranks of pepper (and any other chosen spices). Let them bloom while the oil heats.

• Cook your zucchini nice and slow, over medium-low heat. Add garlic right at the end. Remove from pan.

• Using the leftover garlicky oil, fry an egg. Leave it nice and runny and undercooked. Flop it over the whole mess, add extra pepper and salt.


On the other side, thinly sliced beets with a few pulls of goat cheese, salt, and basil.

Paul said thanks.

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