They never stop spinning

October 2nd, 2013, 10am

10 a.m. in the morning, we arrived at Kinderdijk. The sun above us casted a nice glow over the grassy premise. The wind was a constant, gentle companion as we strolled towards the line of windmills.

Sitting alone, a man laid his works on the ground. He drew what he can see - majestic windmills, tranquil surroundings and vast horizon. “I am an artist”, he enthusiastically told us, “and today’s my first day here.”

He gestured for us to look at his creative endeavours. It was beautiful and serene, unrefined and raw, with a hint of carefreeness. We could get our faces drawn, he smiled. We would look good in his comical-styled sketching, he pitched in. So, we were sold. In return for cash, we got a piece of memory from this interesting chap.

“Come take a picture with me,” he rose from the foldable stool which is obviously too small for his large frame, “and tell your friends I’m an artist.”

As we left with some of his works, he excitedly picked up his phone and pressed some numbers on it.

Mom, I sold some of my works!

I turned behind, he wore a huge grin on his face. With animated movements and sparkle in the eyes, I knew that was his defining moment.

Christine said thanks.

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Ryan Toh

Relentless day-dreamer, filling up notebooks and mind with far too many ideas to comprehend.

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