How do you choose the right perspective?

March 16th, 2014, 6pm

I was looking out to the ocean when I took this photograph. Should I have stood a few more steps off center? Should I have taken the picture with more of an upward angle? Or should I have stepped into the water and dared to shoot the trap with a blurry shoreline? Does it matter whether you like the photograph or if someone else will? Does the knowledge of payment cause obsession to find that perfect angle? What about copyrighting and putting your name to the photograph, does any of that even matter when finding perspective? How many other times has someone taking this precise image, and have you changed enough about the photograph in order to call it your own?

What is the right perspective? And does it even matter?

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Andrew Saunders

A dreamer, traveler, food lover and creator, homebrewer, amateur photographer, reader, and wanna-be writer.

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