My Lighthouse even knows there’s more than what is told.Sharks keep swimming,I’m no longer in fear,I’ve swam to the shore,Where none of you seem to exist here.Safe inside, I climbed my Lighthouse,As I approached the lookout, I glanced down south.Peering into the ocean,As if it’s a torturous place I never have been.I stood upon the edge of my Lighthouse,Waving down south,Farewell my sins, I am free at last.My lovely Lighthouse has rescued me,No more hiding,I’ll shine with its lighting.Lighting up the night,Standing tall and striking all the demons of the sea.Balancing high above,As I am free.My Lighthouse knows me and holds me close,My armory that I love the most.Built up in bricks,The walls are thick.Incapable of being knocked down, my beautiful Lighthouse stood tall,Waiting patiently as The Recovery of my fall.

December 18th, 2014, 3pm

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Courtney Casteel

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