Girl talk

March 11th, 2014, 9pm

It was 17.2°C. The wind was calm.

A lot of the best conversations happen over pizza.

And beer.

(A lot of beer.)

Good to see the girls again; we always seem to get together when there are new stories to tell.

Ahhh, stories. My favorite. One of them has a new one this time.

Soooo, we actually met online, she begins. there was so much chemistry! But… nothing.


But then, a few months later—this is totally unexpected, but—I see him at this event, and…


… we recognize each other, sort of… and we get talking and we realize that we had connected online. And it was so great, but…


he didn’t get my number, she sighs.

Our faces fall. I grab more garlic fries. Where do I find this guy to knock some sense into him?!

I look at her. “So what happened next?”

So, a few weeks later, I’m walking in Hayes Valley, looking for a cafe to work at. I’m crossing the street, and there he is, crossing the street too, going the opposite way.

Oh. My! Another chance encounter?

We’re all ears now. My other friend listens on, shoving garlic fries into her mouth. “This is like popcorn,” she giggles. “And then???”

We just pass each other. And I’m like, wait a minute, isn’t that…

… Him!

Then I turn, and see him running back.

God. On cue like a romcom.

He holds my arm lightly, and tells me: “You do know that this isn’t a coincidence, right? I’m telling you now: I’m going to marry you someday.”

… !

We laugh. Confidence. Aaaalll confidence. (Guys.) ;)

We melt anyway. How, how, HOW does that even happen?!

Oooohs and aahhhhhs around the table. Oh my god, that’s crazy, kilig naman! (… I don’t think there’s an English translation for this; it’s just Filipino for that makes us giddy. I think. A bad translation!)

… So. They broke up, another friend starts her story. I grab another slice and listen intently. “Another round, please.” This is getting good.

So glad I decided to come out tonight.

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Christine Herrin

Designer. History major. Memory keeper, paper hoarder, frequent flyer.

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