September 25th, 2013, 10am

It was 19.4°C with broken clouds. The breeze was light.

Warning actually…

I snapped many photos on the run today, thinking I would share them with my new toy Hi. But the photos were mostly of infrastructure — all of the man made, maintained elements for both good and bad that make this park possible. It would bore those who follow (or might consider following me). But I was taken by how many resources are expended to keep this park running — paid by the city of Brentwood as well as unpaid volunteers, such as the Eagle Scouts who mark the trees, a Master Gardener group that removes invasive species.

I am a user experience designer and it is hard for me to communicate to my clients the importance of infrastructure, maintenance, up-keep, flossing. This arboretum is cared for institutionally and communally. It is a treasure (even if they are watching me).

One photo that was too blurry was the “no guns” sign. Tennessee passed a law allowing guns in all local and state parks, as well as restaurants, bars, etc. Course they don’t allow them in the state legislature… The brisk sale of “no guns” signs was intense, as well as city council meetings passing ordinance disallowing guns.

Safety because they are watching me? Safety because they disallow guns? Or safety because the median income in the city is over $100K?

David Wade and Cassie said thanks.

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Karen Wieckert

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