DNA Replication Team 5327: Under review for breach of contract. Failed to deliver product before deadline.

February 18th, 2014, 8pm

Chapter 1 : Nurse KS-92

Nurse KS-92 was distracted. It was a long move from her sector of origin. No one from her graduating class was even in the district. The habitation module she was assigned to had a class D rating. The environment simulator was broken forcing her to sleep with the “hum”, the never-ending vibration these older domicile units have. Thoughts raced in her mind at night, she couldn’t sleep. Ever since she applied to Sentrall, she hasn’t felt right. Maybe she should have followed her sister to the Energy Sector.

Her job wasn’t what she expected. More paperwork than anything else, just testing and reporting. She almost never got to be face to face with the teams, just their samples. Their vitals were pretty much the same everyday and Team 5327 were one of fifty on her list. They were healthy subjects, always provided their samples on time and were rarely sick, injured or requested treatment. She never suspected anything.

The review board was not forgiving. Her short active field time increased the sentence to 10 years. A full investigation had begun and DNA Replication Team 5327 was under review for breach of contract. They had failed to deliver the product before the deadline.

Chapter 2 : The Contract

Each year every District was allowed only 2 applicants to the Replication Program, one male and one female. Testing started at birth and by 8, most subjects were dismissed. The few that made it to 16 were moved to special habitation modules on the upper levels of the District. By 18 candidates could start the application process.

Little sympathy was given to those who were rejected, although some would say it as a blessing. Most RP rejects went to the Production Sector, keeping them busy helped with the depression. The loss was too great for most and many didn’t make it to 30.

If an applicant was approved, the Contract was their ticket to Sentrall, the most protected and secret location on Earth. The worlds hub of human production. Signing the Contract meant the applicant was given final approval to become a DNA Replicator and would be the producer of thousands of human products. It also meant that their future was in the hands of Sentrall.

David Wade and Craig said thanks.

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