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It’s not the years in your life that counts. It’s the life in your years. -Abraham Lincoln

We live in the present always that is what we believe but, there is fact that most of us are aware, the light that we receive from the sun is old they call it a billion year old light since it is shining since then.

How fascinating it would have been when the scientists concluded this? Just put yourself in that lab, you will jump in joy.

I had recently been to a historical place in Kerala it is called Kannur it is located on the west coast of “God’s own country” I was impressed after seeing the forts built by the Portuguese and how it was forcefully taken away by the Dutch, the royal history of the Arrakal family and so on.

I was thinking all the time when I was seeing all these relics’, old buildings.

So what was I thinking? Well my first thought was these guys who came all the way from faraway countries who discovered the sea route had great strategies in place, they were very enterprising and also clever business men who started taking control over our kings who were just money minded and very much in negotiation with the foreigners which we can see even today.

This is the time when India had become the trade hub and also an ironical war zone. I call it ironical because wars were fought between foreign countries where Indian soldiers where involved without no good motive.

The culture of working for others had begun at this time, so don’t crib if you are working for an MNC now, well that was on a lighter note.

Then came an empire which just looted India in the name of East India Company. So history is a brilliant subject to read and enjoy, keep rewinding back in time read about the managerial models followed down the time line that would help you to lead a better life, let us all become pilot archaeologists, and start understanding and unearthing unknown historical facts.

When you go back and read history nothing is unfair or fair because that moment is over and what happened was bound to happen and all the forces made that to happen, but there is a take away here, we have not been able to go back in time till now, but we can always learn from history and not repeat those mistakes made.

All the best and have a great weekend.

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Harish Murthy

Hi am Harish Murthy, I like writing about new ideas and thoughts, and like writing about science, psychology and humanities. Thanks for reading please visit again:)

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