A Stranger Avoidance.

January 16th, 2014, 8am

You find yourself moving faster. Focused on your destination and questioning the safety of your now accelerated pace.

You say, just slightly aloud in a way that makes you uncomfortable with yourself, “I can get there first. He’s slower. I’ll be on a different train. If not, a different car then. I’m just not ending up near him.”

You clasp your bag tightly, push ahead, and take one last look back at the adorable 3-year-old boy and his, actually quite kind, loving, and seemingly thoughtful, father.

We are strangers. It’s just that, once that kid starts kicking the seat, he never stops.

He’s really adorable though.

Adrian, Craig, Anne Marie and David Wade said thanks.

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Kenneth Cooke

Doing well so far.

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