Enjoying French architecture

April 16th, 2014, 6pm

I love looking at details on old French houses - roof tiles, brick patterns, window shutters and catches, doors and door furniture and the like. I suppose that’s not really architecture as such, although it’s all part of the building and so comes into it somewhere along the way.

I know it does rain (or snow) sometimes in Northern France, as we’ve experienced both in past years, but I hardly remember those days. What always stays in my memory are the warm days with clear blue skies. So much so that in our family we call the latter a French Sky!

And it’s under a French Sky that old French houses can be best admired. Just like we’ve had today.


(And before anyone says so, I know that this is a new roof, but it works well on this renovated farm building!)

Duane, Lia and David Wade said thanks.

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Adrian Tribe

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