The first 'sketch' on hi! Coincidentally I landed here on *hi* today while googling. Capture,Write, Publish And...Big Screen Tablet. (Gifted)

August 12th, 2015, 4pm

Writing On Hi And Tablet._.Night Stress Busters!!!

I turned off lights around 2 AM but kept turning sides on bed for hours. Tried to change TV channels but nothing could blow my mind. I sighed, “Gosh, how to get rid of this boredom!” I’m a night owl and since my computer was out of kilter, after acting up for few days and it’s not even kicking in. I don’t wanna pock my hair night long so I opend ebook reader on my smartphone but the tiny fonts were kinda pain to my eyes. I threw it on pillow pressing my cheeks against it, I stretched arms over head and my fingers stroke on a hard surface “ouch” I whispered but I again placed my hand there and held that hard object and suddenly I knew what to do next.

It was a new android tablet that my cousin gifted (to a family member actually) a couple of days ago. I grabbed it hastily then tried to get used to it, and within minutes I began to play with it.

I was playing with google now (the voice integrating software) I’d been talking to it for sometime and got amused by few silly answers.(as I often do with my mobile device.) I said ”Ok Google” the voice search icon got activated as it turned red. “What’s the time in Delhi” I asked. ”It’s 3 AM” It replied. I went on and on, then I asked difficult one like ”What should I do when I get bored?” It replied ”let it go” and showed bunch of crapy results that made me chuckle.

Again it mistaken me for word hi but this time the results left me bewildered as in top search’s result I found the link( and I spontaneously clicked it.

Although it blew my mind, it took a bit longer to understand especially the page where I could register as it wasn’t mentioned anywhere. But that wasn’t that difficult either,

In fact it’s quite interesting, compact and may become a unique platform for aspiring writers

I really like the concept Capture, Write, Publish 1,2,3, three easy steps to write and brainstorm even if you’re not a writer it’s still worth a try, to dive in this vast ocean of


and explore the lost treasure. Prhaps I’d been looking for something of that kind outa writing websites. It came as a gust of fresh breeze that blew away the cobwebs

moreover the 7” tablet’s big display gilded the lillies as it didn’t hurt my delicate eye muscles even it was a pleasure to read and typing was much easier that I couldn’t resist my temptation to write. Beside it’s as comfortable as laptop that I wish to buy someday. I ain’t gonna bother about that whacky PC as I can manage and control my writing bug somehow at least for sometime till that PC get fixed.

Else, I’m afraid I’d crawl into my shell again as I usually do when boredom, anxiety surrounds me and I find no way out.

**I wanna say thanks to my lovely cousin and her family to gift us such a useful gadget. May God bless ‘em!

I dedicate my first sketch on hi to ‘em from the bottom of my heart befilled with love and warmth.

I don’t say a tablet can replace the PC but it’s really worth to have. especially when you wanna give relax to your back, fighting the boredoms, tired but can’t sleep in meaningless, lonly nights reading and writing are great stress busters for those who don’t play time wasting media stuffs, chating or games on their devices.

Above all you can blow off steam through your writings and it may release some stress beside adding up to one’s writing style and creativity.

At least this is what I experienced myself. We must vent out our feelings to stay relaxed. Apart from other physical exercises brain exercise is equally beneficial and mandatory. It not only free one from stress and anxiety,it’s also a strong tool to overcome boredom.

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