Brief Reviews: Guardians of the Galaxy

August 24th, 2014, 10pm

If you’ve considered seeing Guardians of the Galaxy, go on then. What have you been waiting for? This is the summer candy you’ve been waiting for!

It’s not Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and it’s not The Amazing Spider-Man 2, it’s a story of a bunch of basically-unknown characters from the Marvel Universe that were a natural extension of the Avengers storyline, and yet the fact that only the most committed fans knew them in advance, everybody’s talking about the Guardians of the Galaxy now.

I’ve been shocked actually, how many of my “non-movie” people friends have been raving about the execution of this movie. And after twice of trying to buy tickets and the shows being sold out, I was extremely happy to finally sit down and affirm what everyone is saying: this is a fun, feel good, silly movie that gives Marvel a huge doorway to walk through for at least another five to seven years.

Aside from the sharp, engaging dialogue (as a distinctly non-Marvel-fan, I wonder how much was pulled directly from the pages), I really loved how director James Gunn seemed to see the movie before each scene was shot. I am not saying that it was a perfectly directed film, but since this movie was one of the few in the franchise shot in 3D, it took a keen eye and comprehensive understanding of the entire vision and hopeful-execution of the film to make it work so smoothly (definitely doesn’t hurt that he’s also credited as one of the two writers—it’s a bit like a Neil Blomkomf film such that both story and direction need to be cooperative in order to be cohesive).

The good thing is that this movie is going to appeal to a lot of people: those who like movies and those who like fun. There’s a reason you’re hearing a lot about it, and I hope that buzz carries on for a good long while—it’s nice to have some good ‘word of mouth’ marketing working for a film again.

Christine, Ryan and David Wade said thanks.

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