On Ramen Adventures

December 26th, 2014, 11pm

The other day, my friend called me out for going to so many ramen shops. I go to about 2-3 per week, but last week I went to a new one almost every day. I get it, that sounds excessive, and if it was almost any other food, it would be. But not ramen.

I’m hard pressed to think of a type of food in Japan that has as strong a culture as ramen. Each shop you visit is like entering a different world, and the soup itself is but a small part.

Some shops are in bustling train stations, and some are hidden in back alleys. Some have perpetual lines out the door, and some are frequented only by a few regulars. Some have serious atmospheres, with everyone eating quickly and leaving, and some shops blast hip-hop music while you chat with the chefs.

Each shop is a brand new experience, and it’s one that hasn’t entirely caught on in the US yet, so I think I’ll keep going to ramen shops as often as I can.

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Dan Weinberg

Studying abroad in Tokyo.

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