At 5 AM I woke up, the bed shaking. Also the house. It was Earth telling us not to forget. 3 years later.

March 12th, 2014, 5am

It was 8°C with few clouds. There was moderate breeze.

Yesterday was the anniversary of the fatal earthquake which shook Eastern Japan and created that big wave engulling homes, people and dreams three years ago. My beloved Japan was in grief and I remember being in Amsterdam and thinking desperately how all it could happen to such a beautiful place. How many of my friends and many of my strangers were having a hard time.

Now, three years later, I live in Tokyo. Earth woke us up last night as to say Hey, I am still here, it can happen again… Shut the nukes, you idiots. Stop wasting energy. Embrace your loved ones. Pursue your dream. Seize the day and enjoy what you have as I can make it be gone in a blink…

Thank you Earth for being wise. Thank you Japan for being strong. Thank you everyone for not forgetting.

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Luis Mendo

Drawing myself away in Tokyo. 面倒くさい。

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