Faith at the end of the day- Opening up

April 6th, 2014, 1pm

When you are no longer able to fell the life as it comes simply because of getting numb to change. Everything down the road has bought one to the true meaning of life. No matter how long it takes or what one would have to go threw all for having - Simple Faith.

Faith comforts all change. At the end of the moment when feeling like there is no hope; then the past comes to mind and reminds me its all worth it. Becoming better than who i was will help me become a better Person. Louder than ever i hear your voice now. How does one handle all the feeling wanting to show how much he cares in side or how much one misses them. I don’t know why i act the way i do. Like i don’t have a single thing to loose. That could be good though; Giving no expectations gives no reason for hurt. Then that way i still have a true smile @ the end. This is just my temporary home.

Then once again all the doubt goes away because im still the imaginary Friend in the back of your mind. Faith!!!

Thanks God, J. Hart

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Jace Hart

I grew up like the T.V. show " Leave it to Beaver " life growing up. With my Father, Mother, Brother and myself. I was Brought up - to give my 100% respect in everything that you do - My Father would tell me. " If you give respect you will get respect."

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