Infinite affection tastes warm and fuzzy, as does a tepid coat in the raw air.

January 6th, 2016, 9pm

I had seen him, and something deep down, and I’m talking very deep down, told me to go for it. There was no reason I couldn’t get a dog. I was at home enough to take care of one, and I wasn’t allergic. In fact, I was very fond of my beloved friend’s jumpy little Maltese. I saw him cowering on display, as if he was a forced object away from the rest. He looked at me, straight in the eyes, his round black pupils danced with fear. And from that moment, he was mine. Walking him home, I chucked to myself. What a crazy impulsive thing I had just done, but I was glad to step out of my comfort zone and commit to something. His name? I didn’t know, he was black and white. A small fuzzy ball of excitement and love. Affection. I decided to name him Teddy, it fit his soft and cuddly ways. His middle name was to be Cow, because that it what he looked like, and his last name was of course Rendon. He would jump into my welcoming arms and lick my face. He would follow me everywhere around the house and greet me whenever I got home from errands. Even after I stepped on his fragile tail he still loved me just as much. And as the days went on, the bond between me and Teddy grew stronger. It is very nice, calming and peaceful, to have a taste of infinite affection. It tastes warm and fuzzy, as does a tepid coat in the raw air. (Picture of Teddy above).


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Cody Rendon

Writing tastes like sharp spices of expression and nerve in a boiling hot stew.

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