The cabinet in the garden used to be inside the house, in the corner called "The Butler's Pantry."

October 2nd, 2013, 8am

It was 13.9°C with few clouds. The breeze was light.

“The Butler’s Pantry?” J. said, looking around. The location was good, but the inside the house looked shabby and dark, with too many partitions. I asked the realtor, “So what happened to the butler?” He just smiled. I was serious though.

The cabinet was the one of the few decent features worthwhile keeping. But it failed to find a proper place inside because we could not afford to hire a butler. Then J. came up with an idea of using it as a storage in the garden.

So it became a gardener’s pantry, and J. is the gardener. But I am still wondering about what happened to the butler. It may have been a maid, or an unhappy housewife who felt herself like a maid or even a butler.

David Wade and So-Shan said thanks.

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Shu Kuge

Woodcut printmaker

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