Japanese Baseball

September 1st, 2012, 5pm

I have always really enjoyed watching baseball live as long as I was with some family or good friends. It was a chance to get caught up on our lives and what was going on in the world since the game moved fairly slow and well it was just nice to go out with people. The game itself is great but can be a bit tedious at times as things move so slowly. I then went to a ball game in Korea and it seemed like there were so many distractions from dancing girls to games to give-aways and even videos to distract one away from the game. It was at this point where I really wanted to check out a Japanese Baseball game. I have always had an interest in Japanese baseball players in the major leagues since Seattle got Ichiro.

The oldest and one of the most important teams is the Hanshin Tigers, which is based between Osaka and Kobe. When I was dating Koji, in my first year in Korea, his mom was a huge supporter. I remember sitting at their Izakaya and watching the game with Japanese business men. I decided when I was in Tokishuma to go and try and see a game. The local visitors bureau were able to guide me to the right bus and the right way to get to the station. It was a beautiful ride to Kobe and a bit chaotic when at the train station since they are so huge and have 15-20 exits and trying to find the right one is a problem.

I got to the stadium three hours before the game and bought a single ticket. I walked around then went in. The stadium was impressive. There was some lush green grass and some great architecture. The place had a great feel to it. The sounds were nice and I had a great time although I wished I was with someone.

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