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November 16th, 2015, 11am

One of my blogs:)

Happiness ahead!

Hello readers

Hope you had a nice week.

Most Folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be.

-Abraham Lincoln.

There are many situations in life where we feel hopeless and I agree we do have many reasons to feel that state of depression when the whole world looks dark even on a lovely misty morning.

Let us understand first why we feel so hopeless, it may be due to rejection, or failures, may be another bad day at the office or at college.

After your mind enters this mode, it takes some time to get back to your normal state of mind.

But there is an irony that I have experienced; my brain works the most effectual when I am blue and we know we keep thinking about the same issue that caused this despair.

I am not sure how many of you agree with me, but I have experienced it many times when I am stuck there and trying to come out of that grave situation, suddenly the spark comes out, and you would be so amazed that this problem could be solved in this way.

Fire fighting

We spend half the time fire fighting ,a small instance: John is a 11th grade student who is very bright excelling in all subjects ,but one day he was down with fever and later confirmed as malaria a deadly ailment caused by mosquitoes ,so this young lad lost an year and had to repeat his 11th grade again ,and to the astonishment of his teachers he could not study well as he was studying before and he would only score a pass mark in all subjects .

one among his teachers Mr.Joseph took this teen aside and asked him why he was scoring bad in his subjects, the boy replied “all my batch mates are now in 12th grade I feel very depressed that I am in studying with my juniors” this answer was convincing and expected by the latter which is obvious, as a teacher will definitely understand a student’s mentality.

So Mr.Joseph called the boy the next day and asked him “Dear John I tell you there is so much for you to learn in life and move on, please stop being depressed on what has happened and start studying, see the positive side your juniors see you as person who knows to take that challenged in life and also consider you as senior among the juniors.

John was very puzzled with this answer and kept thinking about it all the time ,finally he got the brainwave that if he kept on thinking about his past he would lose his present and future too.

So from that day he started to be his original self, always self-motivated and aced that year, all his teachers were very happy with him.

When he ran to thank his Mentor Mr.Joseph he asked the latter one simple question, what motivated you suddenly and got you out of the depression John replied “Dear Sir I thought about what you said for a whole day, then I started thinking as a matured person, did I make a mistake? Was getting disease my fault, finally I got this answer bouncing around my head which was No!”

Mr.Joseph congratulated his student, for understanding life and wished him success.

I have felt the same many times where there is no absolutely fault of mine and I simply feel I could have done better there, and we end up depressed and your brain starts the swimming out process and there you get that answer you were looking for.

I cannot say that we need to get depressed and start thinking and solve our problems, instead when we reach the end of the cup and we feel now the taste is turning out to give me a flavor of depression, stop there! start thinking and solve your problems analyse, lets stop being hasty and emotional and stop thinking that getting depressed is the easiest way to get out of stress and start thinking of alternatives to solve those puzzles.

Live smart, and try to smile each day, because we have only life, well that is the part that actually counts so let’s enjoy it.

Have a nice weekend and thanks a lot for your time.

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