Mostar. A most beautiful city.

August 24th, 2014, 6pm

Sorry for the lack of activity recently; I’ve been very busy with many things! I’ve recently become freelance in both photography and web development, so that’s taken a bit of setting up. If anyone fancies some photography or post-processing lessons in London, or some Skype lessons around the world, please get in touch! Check out for contact details.

There are still a few places left in my Iceland adventure workshop on 18th September. Head to for more information and to book.

This particular photo is from a trip around the Balkans I did last week. Myself and Mike Murphy drove around Croatia, Montenegro and Bosnia-Herzegovina. This is a lovely part of the world and Mostar is one of my favourite places we stayed. In fact, it was so nice, we stayed an extra night here.

Mostar was sadly one of the most bombed places during the conflict in this region during the early 90s. Sadly this Ottoman bridge was destroyed, but the community pulled tother and rebuilt it in around 2003. They used the same materials and techniques as the original construction.


If you head to my Instagram, you can see someone diving off this bridge into the water!

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