The person that I lost made me my best and my worst. The kind of romance reserved for Sunday TV Specials. It was temporary, as all best things are

February 15th, 2014, 7am

It was 8°C with few clouds. The wind was wild.

In the aftermath of St Valentine’s Day…For it is an aftermath of deflated balloons, discarded wrappers and wilted flowers I have been thinking about one person who I have loved and lost.

It is strange to think that the love that they gave is now some five years gone. In the meantime I have loved again and fully, yet with this Bronte-esque weather raging outside my mind turns back to them. On the one side of things I realise how young I was, how silly and foolish we were. Our love felt so strong and only suitable for the realms of tragedy. Indeed it was a tragedy from the start but that is what drew us together.

On the other side of things that short time that was spent together in full unabashed emotion and turmoil felt like truly living in the present. I am sorry for the pain that I caused others and realise that it was a selfish kind of love I had. But change those moments, that part of my life, I never could or would.

In full Shakespearean tilt, music was at our every step and right now I could list you the songs that punctured our love. From beginning to end. In full unashamed irony the moment it ended ‘God Only Knows’ was playing on the radio. It is a fact that I laugh wholeheartedly at now. However at the time I was sure that I was dying. Now it all seems like some sort of beautiful black comedy and painfully ridiculous.

Five years pass so soon. However I know that I have loved and I will love in that same insane way again.

David Wade and Evan said thanks.

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