It was tender, melt-in-mouth fatty, crisp with a nice bite. All at the same time.

December 11th, 2013, 9pm

399 Yen raw scallop sushi. Large and fatty, like an enormous quilt covering a mouthful of white rice. Almost too big to fit in one bite.

The moment it meets your tongue. Pure bliss. What is that delicious melting sensation?! Like… fluffy fat. A fattiness that feels ephemeral, wispy, light.

You bite. Surprisingly, it is not all marshmallow and air. Somehow, you are reminded of the texture of a crisp apple. Except that moment is fleeting, only a small part of the complete experience. Almost instantaneously, the flesh gives. So incredibly tender, caressing your teeth.

You taste the rice. It brings weight, tangibility. Emphasizes the light richness of the scallop. The texture of multiple rice grains on your tongue. Something solid for something nearly liquid. Balance.

399 Yen worth of primal bliss.

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