Another day, another airplane

April 24th, 2014, 10am

It was 10.6°C. The wind blew strong.

I uses to be good at this. Packing and preparing for a haul across a country, across a border, across an ocean. But sometime in the last few months I seem to have lost my travel mojo. You know: the internal system, the thing that keeps me together…sharp…on track when I’m about to hit the road.

Does anyone say that anymore when they’re actually flying to their destination?

Mentally, I keep a list of items I’ve lost or think I’ve lost while away. The accumulation hurts. It worries me. As though my failures to return with the same or slightly heavier poundage are chips in the emotional cladding I carry along with my bags; cracks in the armor that thickens and hardens against the noise and struggle of my day to day life.

It is not a good feeling to lose what’s important to you, no matter its actual worth.

Christine said thanks.

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Chrys Wu

Seeker, adventurer and maker; mentally walking that space between the real and the ethereal.

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