Baobab Christmas Tree -- Christmas in Johannesburg

December 24th, 2014, 12pm

This is a little poem I wrote, this is my first time experiencing Christmas in the Southern Hemisphere:

Baobab Christmas Tree

by J. B. Duryea

Far to the north winter bites.

Wind and cold blur Christmas lights.

Spruce, fur or pine mark season’s glee,

but down here we have a Baobab Christmas tree.

Upon no farm are they raised to be sold.

They stay in one place and grow old.

Its beauty conveys happiness to thee.

Honestly it looks like a tree upside-down to me.

Way down here not a snowflake in sight.

The Baobab Christmas tree makes us smile at night.

Ricky and Christine said thanks.

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Judson Duryea

I am on an amazing journey with the love of my life to Johannesburg, South Africa for six months and the Middle East for the following 18 months. Nearly two years abroad! Can't wait to share wonderful moments from all over the world.

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