SSDs. They're everywhere these days. In your computer. In your phone. Yes, that flash stick is a SSD too (in a way).

July 8th, 2016, 4am

It was 15°C with few clouds. The breeze was gentle.

Yet large SSD’s are still limited to such low capacities. Here’s my thoughts on that.

Imagine a MicroSD card with a 256GB capacity. Yes, those exist. Imagine how many you could fit inside that SSD.

Amazing, the amount of storage you could achieve with only 1 stack of the things.

Fill the entire drive with them, and you’ve got your final capacity.

We could have 16, 32, 64 TB (yes, TB) SSDs if we just took advantage of how dense and efficient MicroSD storage is. Half the card is wasted space, by the way. The storage is that tiny bulge on the back.

Yes. That’s it. That’s the magic 256 GB of storage.

Imagine that, instead of using the card itself, we use that tiny storage instead.

We could have a 1PB SSD! How exciting would that be?

If, of course, anybody notices the potential. SSD’s aren’t as dense as they can be. MicroSD card storage will be the newest advancement in SSD technology.

Hmm. I wonder which manufacturer will make it possible first?

David Wade said thanks.

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Logan Dark

Goodbye everybody. I had a fun time here.

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