It was the day before my 29th birthday. Last minute I decided to go to Detroit.

May 4th, 2014, 2pm

I haven’t been to Detroit since 2010 for work. This time I’m helping a friend move from Chicago. I know over the past 4 years Detroit have been slowly reviving itself. I was excited to see what changed from the last visit.

With only 36 hours to spare we spent that night bar hopping and enjoying really cheap and delicious food at Green Dot Stable where I shared a camel slider with a friend. When we arrived at Michigan Avenue, I told my friend that Slow’s was the only place opened on that block. Now there are bars. People are slowly bringing life back to the city realizing that they too have something unique to offer.

The next day was more relaxed. Brunched at Le Petit Zinc, walked around downtown, and then Detroit Institute of Art using my friend’s co-worker membership under the guise of Nicholas. My friend and I were worried that this wouldn’t work because of the obvious name. No one questioned my identity when I presented the card.

I decided to take Amtrak back home since I never used it and thought this was a great way to end my trip. I watched the changing scenery from my window as the sun was setting. By nighttime the only thing I saw were the lights from Chicago’s skyline.

I arrived right around midnight. Perfect timing for the happy birthday greetings that were rolling in through texts. It was a wonderful weekend spent with friends and a great way to welcome the ending decade of my 20’s.

Shu, Christine and Eliza said thanks.

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Penelope Louisa

I'm a Taurus and a bibliophile. You can find me laughing alone or at a really dumb joke that my friends groan to.

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