Searching for shade.

May 16th, 2014, 5pm

It was 29°C with clouds and visibility OK. The wind was light.

The character and colour of Seville was immediately evident as soon as we arrived. Our fourth Spanish city in the last 12 days, the capital of Andalusia has its own distinct aesthetic. The fingerprints of history are evident everywhere, from the stunning Royal Alcázar to the colours and patterns found in the tiles that line the narrow streets.

It is also damn hot. Enough to make Siri exclaim “Hot!” when I inquire about the outside temperature from our tiny, (thankfully) air conditioned apartment. So as much as the winding, narrow, maze-like streets offer a buffet of rich history, delicious food, and unique shops — not to mention the opportunity to be struck in the head by a passing bus’s side mirror — they also offer something much more immediately beneficial: shade.

We continue on to Cordoba tomorrow, the hottest spot in all of Europe. I keep trying to slow this trip down, but it keeps speeding up.

Ruben and Christine said thanks.

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Jordan Clarke

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