There is a quote that says, “Friends buy you a lunch. Best friends eat your lunch.” And I thought this related to my lunch life, because when some one at our table doesn’t have a lunch (or ate it all for snack, which is very dumb), we share our lunch, or they just go ahead and eat our lunches without asking, which is okay because none of us really care. I also remember another time at school (well, it was after school, really), we were at rehearsal for the school’s “Annie” play, and some of my “friends” had been bullying another girl, Lenka, whom they picked on continually. She was crying as she ran out the school’s doors, and I caught up to her and said, “Lenka, they’re just trying to get you mad, and it’s not fair.” I rubbed her back, and as she ran to where her mom was waiting to pick her up, I yelled, “If you need me, just call!” That’s what REAL friends are for, and they stick with you through the end. <3

David Wade, Zoe, Suthi and nik said thanks.

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Macy Johnson

I love to spend my days pondering over the thought that I'm already a 7th grader, swimming, riding my longboard, and chillin' with friends in the beautiful Seattle sun.

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