We need safer places and we need it now

May 28th, 2016, 6pm

No amount of security can stop a bomber from blowing themselves if they dont value your or my life. Brussels attack may expose a major flaw in airports security where anyone with any bag can enter almost half way through the airport without being frisked. High security airports like the one in Srinagar in India had this worked out as the frisking and baggage checking is done way before you enter the airport.

Today passenger bags are first checked in through the airline counter before you get a boarding pass. You can even bypass this by a Self Check in or Web checkin process. This is not scanned which means if there is a dangerous item here it can cause havoc at the departure area. The handbag you carry is checked at the frisking area which again means even to this point a mischief can happen.

But the question is how far can you go to do this? A day is not too far when security will arrive at your home, scan the luggage, frisk you and tie you up and make you sit inside the aircraft. I mean, this is not a solution at all. All the technology guys, do something here. Some sort of face recognition whereby a suspect can be identified by the expression they carry or something better. (Transcribed from my voice Blog @Anchor)

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