History repeating.

October 19th, 2009, 1am

“‘Whereof we cannot speak,’ says the great philosopher Wittgenstein, ‘we must be silent.’ But it is also true that, whereof we cannot speak, we dream, or tell stories.”

The late author Leonard Michaels said that once, in his essay on the subject: “The Story of Jonah”. It sticks with me; reciprocity. Tell me your story and I will tell you mine. Dream. I will dream with you.

“Events become meaningful as they become — at some amazing turn — stories, just as notes become meaningful, retrospectively, in a melody. The moral, like the melody, is open to interpretation.” Food, like stories: reciprocity. Passed down through my family, our time. In retrospect, the repetition attains meaning. Eating is an agent of history.

“‘One portion of being is the Prolific, the other, the Devouring,’ said Blake, a great storyteller.”

Yes, devouring.

“Modern stories are hardly ever retold,” Michaels once said, also.

Here is a story worth repeating.

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