Yesterday afternoon

June 17th, 2014, 6pm

Yesterday afternoon I didn’t have anything to do. And it was during the Brazil’s World Cup match that I started to take photos from my window. This is what I see everyday, and I think that is a pretty amazing view. Through this window, I have seen too many sunrises, rains, thunderstorms, planes going to the airport (not anymore, a stupid building blocked partially this vision).

This one I took when it was by 5:30 PM. And it’s far to be perfect, I had set-up the camera to capture a 1” exposure without a tripod. So, this is the result.

You can see that aren’t to many cars (because of Brazil’s World Cup match), but normally it’s a time that we have too much traffic on the streets. One good thing about Soccer World Cup: The streets become too much quiet and calm.

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Eduardo Kolberg

I'm usually searching for the right words and images. But I guess that I will never find them. And this can be a good thing.

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