What better place to begin narrative mapping the world?

October 9th, 2013, 8am

A pretty grainy picture, I’ll admit, but it captures the cloudy weariness I tend to feel on early morning flights. Still, the moment before takeoff, before the journey begins, is often one of the best moments of every trip. I can remember holding my wife’s hand during takeoff for the first time and I’ve relived it every trip since. I wish someone would create some sort of data visualization about the emotional path taken over the course of travel. I think it would look a lot like an E.K.G. machine’s graph, which spikes of high excitement during this initial period in the airport, then again when you’re riding in a cab towards your hotel, then again when you’ve gotten over jet-lag and are hitting the town, and so on. The ideal would be to see that jagged line smoothen out into somewhere in the middle once you’ve come back home and can just look back fondly on what you’ve seen and done. That’s what I hope from this one.

Allan, Craig, Cassie and Lia said thanks.

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Shane Schick

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