do you know what it is like;to live differently then others your age? second chapter

January 3rd, 2016, 1pm

It was 12°C with scattered clouds. The breeze was gentle.

Years went by. At the time I could leave the hospital I was 16 years old. The day that supposed to be released from the hospital I overheard the doctors talk. They talked with the people of child service. They wanted that I would be send to a orphanage. When I heard them talk about it I decided to run away. After all these years I knew the hospital like my own pocket. I went to my former house, it was now a abandoned house. As I walked through the halls what was once my home, I couldn’t help but started crying as my head was overflowing with memories. I didn’t know how much time had passed since I came into the house but I knew that here was the first place they would search. I wondered if they found my hideout where I played as a child in the woods behind my house. I went to the old hideout when I arrived I found the hideout in pretty bad condition. As I went in I saw my old cloths and my favorite snacks. I started to smile. Of course the old clothes didn’t fit me but I decided to bring everything with me as I went to search for a good place to stay. When I was leaving the property of my former house the police came with a person from the child service. The policeman looked my way. I hid behind the house but was it to late?

                         *End Second Chapter*

David Wade said thanks.

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rangel angel

fiction writer, not all fiction most of the stories are based on a true story

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