What happens when the Internet is down  — distraction free writing

March 6th, 2014, 8pm

In another era, when I used to maintain something of a weblog, I’ve had a tendency to write, disappear and then write a quintessential “I’m back, folks” post, mostly mentioning an emphatic return from a dreaded writer’s block, while of course, laziness was to blame.(Of course I was never much of a writer, so it was never a writer’s block to begin with)

Every new year (bah! resolutions, right?) had at least one resolution related to writing every day, something which every night ends up as a choice between taking the time to draft-review-publish something vs. an ever distracting urge to be online (which mostly ends up as switching between various browser tabs doing nothing).

Some 65 days into the year, it looked like universe was determined to create the perfect setup to get me started. Some power outage, meaning no Internet for an hour or so, meaning no facebook, twitter, google+ or email. Equipped with an old text editor that promised to keep editing distraction free, I finally managed to write something beyond the 140 characters and hit the publish button.

David Wade and abn said thanks.

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