River Water Irrigation

July 27th, 2014, 12pm

Where does a river originate and where does it end? This question may not be perplexed but you will find only 1 in 10 answering it correctly. The world is trying to stop the rivers from what they call as water wastage in the sea. So they build dams. Dams are built at places where rivers flow and these are the same places where humans live. In turn humans are asked to vacate the place they lived for centuries. Most of the, who were dependent on rivers for their livelihood, migrate to cities as labourers. Yet, we claim the dam is built for the same humans who are driven out.

Athirapally Water Falls in Kerala. Thousands of such streams and water falls are common in this tiny Southern state and yet they starve for drinking water

Rivers actually originate not from one place but different rivulets small and big streams, seeps, wetlands which in turn get the water from rain.

Streams from Valleys become tributary which then becomes confluence and converge in rivers. The aim of rivers – as God may have conceived and built it – is to end up at Sea. For thousands of years river water has been used for irrigation and there were no dams. Then came small and manageable dams which put the area around it fertile. Gradually large dams came into existence and this altered the entire ecosystem of rivers.

Streams such as this gives birth to tributaries which confluences to become rivers

Rivers do not carry just water but makes the entire area it encompasses fertile with its sediments etc. Altering its route is altering nature. If the river has begun its journey, it has to reach its end of the journey.

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