Togo's beach is clean

November 28th, 2013, 11am

I couldn’t take a picture of it…. but I can still see it in my head… even now it still remains a clean image.

We walked for about 30 minutes from our motel before we got there - the beach.
As we walked , we couldn’t help but admire how the beautiful the roads had been made. From the words of Jude, my companion, everything here feels so mediterranean. I didn’t particularly know what that meant. But it seemed to describe it anyway.

The streets had been perfectly demarcated
If there was one word to describe how it looked and felt… clean is the word. The streets were clean.
This was not just because of the design of the streets but also the streets were swept day and night.

We walked on. And we also couldn’t resist admiring the architecture of the buildings. It was was French. This doesn’t mean every house was nice - beautiful. This means houses that were nice were clean - and houses that were not nice - were still French.
The buildings said a lot about the people.

The workers
People are a lot more disciplined here - and care a lot more about what they build.

We got to the beach and it was clean. Waters as blue as the skies. That is not to stay we didn’t step in shit - this was still West Africa.

The food
The food we ate was clean. Nicely served - with no particular style. The only thing I didn’t really like was the people here don’t think about pescatarians much - they were flesh eaters. And fish(sea food) eaters almost seemed unwelcomed. The way they even grilled their chicken was a ploy to get you to set aside all sorts of believes and resolutions - and eat.. You can’t imagine the number of messages that were running up and down my motor nerves , as that chicken grilled. The spices - the chhhhh sound - the smell that followed after only left me salivating - and savouring the taste of that chicken. I was converted. I couldn’t help but take a bite when my companion was served with his half-chicken.

They cooked with so much care.

You know these flesh mongers also loved salads and everything they served always went with a full plate of salads: beet root, salad leaves, mayonnaise, vinegar, and other sweet tasting munch-ables.

Food only tastes this clean when it’s cooked with care. Streets only looks and feels this clean when it is made with care and taken care of .
And I guess this goes for everything else…….
Things only turn out well when they are done with your care.
And as Jude and I agreed in one of our many conversation, everything you do is an extension of you - So there is a need to do it with care.

Cassie said thanks.

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Samuel Alomenu

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