Exploring small town Wisconsin. Something really fascinating I've learned the last few years about Wisconsin is that many of the small towns model themselves after their "sister" cities in Europe. Which tends to make them surreal to visit and often quite lovely. 

January 12th, 2014, 3pm

To be blunt, a lot of Wisconsin has a pretty white trash reputation. I myself have referred to it as the Texas of the Midwest with the state’s stances on unions, guns, capital punishment. But that’s not completely fair. The capital city Madison is a very liberal place full of educators. Wisconsin is also home to some of the more interesting places in the Midwest such as The House on the Rock, made famous by the novel American Gods by Neil Gaiman, a Frank Lloyd Wright house, that I hope to visit this summer as well as miles and miles of undisturbed forest. Coming upon these tiny artists communities was quite a shock the first time it happened. According to the local history, after many of the mines ran dry in England, families left to come to the states to find work. Mining is big business here in the Midwest since we are set upon Iron bedrock. Which I might add keeps Minnesota from having problems with sinkholes -a more common problem then one would care to know.

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Deborah Lanns

For the first time in my life, I'm pursing a creative lifestyle full time. It's terrifying and gratifying. I drink, write, photograph, put on events and make things. However useless most of the world seems to find those things, I love them. And cooking.And dresses. Important to know.

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