January 5th, 2015, 9am

It was 11°C with few clouds. The wind was calm.

Don’t know who invented the MRI scanner and who came up with this amalgam of sounds produced by the machine, but they sure had lots of imagination.

When I entered the MRI room I was met by a sound that could very well have been the beat of some groovy ’80s tune. It never stopped and kept the rhythm throughout the entire procedure. It went: cherry boom-boom, cherry boom-boom, cherry boom-boom.

Inside the scanner there was a low buzz like the buzz inside an airplane. With my eyes closed and the help of the cool breeze produced by the air-conditioning I could imagine I was traveling. Once the actual scanning began, there was an entire rhythm section, each instrument producing a different sound and a different beat. I am sure an electronic music composer would have had a blast in there. If only I had the words to describe all those different sounds. There was drilling, buzzing, wailing, pounding, knocking, shaking, plus a lot of machine gun sounds. At moments, I felt like laughing. The sounds were so unexpected and bizarre I felt like I was mocked by the machine. I mean I distinctively recall a sound that was like a duck quacking and biting my butt. I swear! Not that I was ever bitten by a duck. I had to tell myself, “be serious, be serious” to keep myself from jerking.

I was told I was in there for one hour! It felt like half with all that rhythm section jamming. I wondered whether I had dozed off.

[MRI results came out good; tumors reduced after chemo. I will soon be going to surgery]

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