Where to go next

October 27th, 2013, 5pm

Offered to dogsit for C. over Thanksgiving and we scheduled a playdate with her German shepherd Akita mix who is eighty pounds and has raccoon eyes and is named Rokan. Ro jumps me when I walk in the door, tries to make out with me on the couch, then curls up in fetal position on the floor, which in my book is pretty good as far as first dates go.

C.’s roommate is out and the apartment smells like Mrs. Meyer’s Geranium. The washer runs in the background and the light in the room changes and we talk about traveling alone and with others. I flash back to my July trip and think then say out loud, Wherever I went, someone would tell me where to go next.

I leave with a nap on my mind, walk back to my apartment through McCarren Park and stop near a lamppost where I once kissed a girl to watch dogs chasing each other on a baseball diamond and kicking up elysian dust clouds that make everyone stop and take pictures on their phones.

Now the light’s faded and there are white hairs on my sweatshirt. Will you tell me where to go next?

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