May 26, 2015

July 17th, 2009, 4pm

Hey there! Welcome back to Billy’s life! It is a rare one, but isn’t everyone’s life as rare as mine? So, anyway, again, I’m sorry for not doing these daily even though I promised, but at least I’m doing them. So I won vice presidency, and my speech was, well, idiotic, and I am not making this up, I actually talked about unicorns for part of it. I’ll let you process this for a minute.

Alright so I hope you processed that well, and believe me, I am not proud about it, but I was nervous and it just slipped out. But enough about unicorns, let’s go back to what you actually want to know about: my most embarrassing moment of the past couple of days. And it is that I went to McDonald’s, through the drive thru, and as soon as the took my order, I turned on the radio, and Katy Perry was playing and I sang along. So I have the window down, the volume is at a normal level, and I’m singing my heart out. Well about half way through, the worker open the window, and I don’t notice, so I continue singing, and once the song is over, I look towards the window and all the workers were standing there. An awkward minute pursues, and they start slow clapping. I about died. I took my food and left. So I’m not going there anymore. I hope you guys enjoyed that moment, and see you soon!

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Billy Huante

*Insert life changing bio here* Just kidding! Some infinities are bigger than other infinities. -The Fault in Our Stars

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