The highway is my soccer field.

October 28th, 2013, 9am

They are currently building the ‘Ring Road’ around Addis Ababa, in some places it is already up and running, in some for some years now and the asphalt is already getting wobbly. But the ring is not finished, which explain some of the areas being without traffic, thus the kids can play soccer at their hearts’ content.

On my way to the north, where I usually never have any reason to go, I found this part of the ring road taken over by pedestrians, beggars camping out there (one of them sleeping with his legs dangerously on the street). And of course the occasional bridges fro foot traffic to cross the highway are widely ignore, people just hop and skip over the 4 - 6 lanes wherever they please. There is a concrete divider about 130cm high, and I even saw someone sleeping on that.

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