Meeting of Minds July 2013

January 2nd, 2007, 6am

The Indigenous institutions of higher learning are being asked if they are willing to step forward and support this Treaty. The writers go to state what the benefits would be for the First Nations and non-first nation when this treaty is adopted. They need a unified First Nations collective in order to serve the common purpose of the intent of this Treaty on Education. The Treaty states what each of the First Nation is agreeing to once their support is guaranteed? Each nation agrees to support one another and share this idea with other First Nation in order to garner more support for the Treaty. Any First Nation that wishes to join can at any time as long as they adhere to the terms of the Treaty. First Nations that are party to the Treaty may amend the Treaty from time to time. The First Nations are agreeing to place the children and their learning first, both with the language and the culture of their community. The Treaty looks for total control of every aspect of the education of our First Nations’ children. Each child must learn were they have come from in order to know where they are going, with First nation Culture in education this means land based education (getting back to your roots). Another aspect of First Nation education is introducing what has always been a part of native education, but needs more reinforcement with in education is oral teaching of each First Nation. The final part of the Treaty states that First Nations under the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People Article 14 affirms our inherent and sovereign rights to determine education for our Peoples and Children. The practice of education amongst Indigenous Peoples is a requirement of self-determination and is recognized under International Law. First Nations want representation of their own choice and the final approval of any decisions involving First Nations Education.

Shelley, Barb, David Wade and Barbara said thanks.

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Mark Houle

Moved to The Pas in 1988 for a few years and never moved on.

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