Question the authors, Not their motive

October 15th, 2015, 3pm

It was 40°C with nil significant cloud. The breeze was light.

Can see a vast majority defaming the eminent authors who are returning their awards to protest the current situation in India. It is true that many awards in India are bestowed at the whims and fancies of the ruling dispensation. One must keep in mind that people who are returning the awards are not from that category.

It is easy to sit and defame these stalwarts but not easy to do a bit of what they have done in their respective fields. Though I don’t know most of the people, I do know closely a few. One is Dr. G N Devy with whom I have spent so many hours at his place. He is doing something that India should be thankful to him.

Some say these are politically motivated. Yes, it is. This is a political message rather. In India, as of now, there are no parties other than BJP which has the power to force people to do this and they are certainly not doing this. The only other party that can do this is Congress and if it had the intelligence to make these people return their awards, they would not have lost last elections so miserably.

So people who have no caliber to reach anywhere near the awardees returning their awards, should stay shut on their motive.

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Binu Alex

Jack of all master of none. Reckless Thinker, Bad writer, Tech lover, Safe Driver in Dry Republic of Gujarat. 2 decades in print, web and radio. Unglorified tweeter. No Admirers. Unlimited Foes, Endless envy. Not to be loose shunted

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