Yoga On A Beach

February 8th, 2013, 8pm

Breath in. Hold. Breath out. Breath in. Hold. Breath out. All I can hear is the waves from the near by beach. There is a gentle breeze. It’s the top of my hotel.

It’s a completely different experience than the sterile yoga studios of Hong Kong or Seoul. The mat is a towel. The sounds are coming from the yoga instructor chanting. There is no pumped in sounds of water and wind since I’m surrounded by the beach and the sounds of the trees swaying. The breeze feels so good since the day will be so hot.

After the 30 minutes of breathing we go into the different poses. I’m not that good but try my best. I chant and move and twist and turn. I am not as flexible but I’m calm. It’s making me dizzy since the movements are so quick. I just lay down and breath. I hear the chants, the ocean and the trees.

I’m at peace.

Siva Shakthi, Christine, Amal and Anne said thanks.

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