Notes on Living Outside Cultural Norms. Chasing Hayashi.

March 26th, 2014, 10am

Up sun, Up lift, Up step, Up mind—Up mountain—
Down wind, Down snow, Down slide, Down mind—Down mountain—

Closed, limited, dangerous—waterfall, avalanche, rock.
Against time—
Chasing Hayashi.
Clamber, scramble, stumble—stream, debris, crack.
Reaching deep—
Chasing Self.

Mental, energy
Experience, experience

Down rain, Down traverse, Down stream, Down mind—Down mountain—
Up mist, Up life, Up rejoice, Up mind—Up mountain.—

Chasing Hayashi, Garagara-zawa, Hakuba.
Safety > Punctuality, Adventure > Passiveness

Ross, Roy and Christine said thanks.

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