The Travel Towel Tutorial

May 5th, 2012, 7pm

To stay clean and thus healthy on adventurous travels (oh, yes, even at home), the following might come in handy some day1:

1) Make sure your beloved towel has an unequivocal “front”, “back”, “top”, and “bottom”. Find yourself a fail-safe system to identify these: Possible indicators are labels, stickers, and prints—or stuff you applied yourself because you, in all your wisdom, realized that this indeed is crucial for towel related hygiene matters.

2) Now, invent a pattern that allows you to keep body parts, well, apart. For example, the one pictured above works quite well:

Front (easy stuff): 1/3—Head 2/3—Torso 3/3—Legs

Back (careful with these beauties): 1/3—Genitals 2/3—Butt 3/3—Feet

3) Finally, be happy because you won’t end up with your muddy feet being rubbed all over your face.

  1. In this case, for example. 

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Boris Pink

Finished a comic containing anecdotes from a train, bus, and bicycle ride from Asia to Germany. Unfortunately, it only contains 1 1/2 months instead of 12. @pinkboris

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