Taking off in flight of life

March 2nd, 2009, 12pm

Sunday morning, the air smells sweet from the mist that left a thin layer of moisture. The local men are debating last night’s left that left the local jeweler filing an insurance claim today. NOT!
I have no idea any of the feelings for this shot. I don’t think I have ever seen it before! It is now my favorite from the San Antonio trip back in 2009. I could conjure up a wonderful story behind this perfectly placed array of colors. But the truth is interesting enough per mi oggi.When I take pictures I immortalize the closing of the shutter. I look back on photos from the past and can even smell what was in the air. For me pictures are time capsules my shoes are instantly placed at the exact spot. I feel the way it was when I viewed what my eyes were seeing. I couldn’t tell you what I was wearing or how my hair was. But I can always tell you what my feeling was towards the scene. Not this time. This is a strange shot for me, I remember being at the Alamo (and there isn’t a basement, PeeWee) I remember all the other shots taken that day prior and post this one. I don’t remember feeling this shot. Without the inner connection to this shot all I can possibly say about it is…. it was the Force Graduation Weekend!

June said thanks.

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"Man, I didn't even know what city I was in!" ....Rickie Lee Jones

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